Interact for Brands

Interact is reinventing how brands can be seen within games.

Your audience is playing; we know you know this already!
But how do you reach them? Getting into gaming can be challenging and most gaming ads are not maximising the true potential of play.

Interact is a new creative advertising platform; built for brands by games developers. We’ll help you access the most relevant people who play, in a way that will most engage them.

Find your in-game solution in the Interact portfolio of partners or talk to us, an award winning games publisher, about how we can create a branded gaming activation for you.


Interact is the only AdTech platform to offer in-game branding solutions for each stage of the purchasing process; from awareness-driving display campaigns to purchase-inspiring placement of brand offers.

In-game Display Ads


Your creatives seamlessly embedded into the world of a game.

Show Your ads to enrapt players; making an impression without breaking them out of the game.

Sponsorship in-game advertising


Create a customised branded gaming experience by taking over the core elements of a level, or even an entire game.

Your brand can appear anywhere; scenery, in-game objects, playable items, missions and challenges…..if it’s in the game it can be branded.

Interactive Mobile Ads


Deliver tangible rewards in-game, such as a trial subscription or product samples.
Serve brand offers as rewards for players completing objectives. Acquire new customers and put your product in their hands.

From creating awareness to driving customer acquisition, together these three activations allow brands to engage with people who play at each stage of the purchasing journey.

Contact us now to be become an Interact partner and open up a new world of in-game advertising opportunities