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Interact is reinventing how brands work with games.

Developed by award-winning games publisher Playstack, the Interact platform is designed to put interested and engaged eyes on your ads without irritation, interruption or resentment. We place your ads to ensure that they’re seen by the ideal audience, at their most receptive.

Interact Display


Our Developer Success Team have worked with our dev partners to find the best placements for your brand, be it in an urban environment or an abstract background, we place your visual display ads where players are most engaged. Your ads will meet the minds of enrapt players, making an impression without breaking them out of the game.



Take over the core elements of a level, or even an entire game. Your brand can appear anywhere; scenery, in-game objects, playable items, missions and challenges…..if it’s in the game it can be branded. We know how to build engaging in-game experiences and with our network of developers and publishers, we’ll find the perfect game for you to partner with. With Interact, create an in-game brand take-over in no time, with no effort.



Beyond display and beyond sponsorship, our rewarded ads give players hands-on involvement with your brand. Deliver tangible rewards like trial subscriptions and sample products to a receptive audience. Acquire new customers and put your product in their hands.

Together, these three pillars support an ad platform that puts your brand at the centre of gaming.

Display: show impactful ads to increase brand awareness.
Sponsorship: take-over game elements to connect with your audience.
Interaction: deliver real-world rewards to drive brand performance.

How it works:
The next evolution of in-game advertising

Interact allows your ads to be part of the game world.
Here’s how:

2 - Import the SDK into your Unity project, drag the Interact prefabs to your scenes and populate our connector with your game’s Interact Portal API keys

Upload your campaign assets


Select the games that match your target audience


Track and measure using the Interact Portal

Simply Cook
Taste Card
Chili Cinema

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