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Interact gives brands the power to get into games & game developers the opportunity to monetize their content better.

The new AdTech platform, built by the award-winning games publisher Playstack, puts brands at the centre of gaming; ensuring ads are seen by interested and engaged players without irritation, interruption or resentment. With interactive billboards ready to drop into 3D environments, sponsored level takeovers, and real-life rewards put into the hands of players, Interact is reinventing in game advertising.


Interact Advertising Step 1

Drag your poster image into the Interact portal campaign image box.

Interact Advertising Step 2

Your image appears in the live ad area created using the Interact SDK.

Interact In Display Ads
Character Stage

An AdTech platform built for Brands and Developers by a Game Publisher

Interact builds on knowledge gained from years of games industry experience and publishing hit games to support your advertising or developer needs. It connects developers to brands and provides simple tools to host or run truly integrated and impactful advertising campaigns.

Your Game.
Our Interactive Ad Tech

In-game Display Ads


Embedded, interruption-free ads. On the billboards of a virtual city, on the hoardings at a tennis tournament, or along the road in a farming life sim. The player absorbs the ad as a natural element of the game world, without ever breaking immersion. In the background, Interact registers an ad impression. The game gets a little more real and the developer gets a little more profit.

Sponsorship in-game advertising


We connect the developer with a selected advertising partner to create a full level takeover.
Plunge the player into a customised gaming experience, skinned with branded items and scenery, powered by Interact.

With our Creative Studio team on hand to support asset creation and implementation, you’re ready to take in game advertising to the next level.

Interactive Mobile Ads


Give gamers the real-life prizes they crave with our rewarded ad partnerships

Sweeten the taste of in-game victory with rewards including free drinks, streaming music subscriptions, cosmetics, cinema tickets, and more.

Developers get engagement, brands get new customers, and players get happy.

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